Trapshooting growing in popularity in Minnesota schools

Jennifer Cruz for reports:

The fastest growing sport among high schoolers in Minnesota isn’t necessarily a conventional sport and certainly doesn’t have the conventional rules of most high school sports, which quite possibly may be part of its appeal.

In 2008, there were only about 30 students across the entire state that were involved in sanctioned trapshooting competitions and even fewer teams, but seven years later, the sport has seen a massive increase, with now more than 200 teams statewide hosting some 8,600 students.

….And unlike other school sports, having the opportunity to be on the team isn’t dependent on your current skills. There are no tryouts and anyone can join the team. The only prerequisite is completing a Department of Natural Resources-sponsored gun safety course. From there, students are divided into different tiers, according to skill level.

….But while the sport has grown in leaps and bounds over the years, selling the idea to the school board initially wasn’t such an easy thing to do.

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