The Temple News: Educating People about Second Amendment Rights in North Philly, Beyond

“During his tour and workshops in Philadelphia, Toure said he will give attendees a “philosophical understanding” of the Second Amendment, attempting to explain its meaning, dispel any myths and also share conflict de-escalation techniques.”

Via The Temple News:

One night at the Eagle Bar on Germantown Avenue near Erie, a man stopped Maj Toure in the middle of Broad Street and pulled out a gun.

“He pulls his gun out and goes, ‘Yo, can you sign my gun?’” Toure said. “He had a metallic sharpie and he wanted me to sign his Glock.”

The man went on to tell Toure that he saw his informational YouTube videos, and learned more about firearms through them.

Toure, a longtime North Philadelphia resident, is the founder of Black Guns Matter, an organization that works to educate people in urban communities on their right to bear arms through training and education. He’s currently on a tour of 13 cities, including Atlanta and St. Louis.

In Philadelphia, Toure said people will often approach him on the street to tell him how he helped educate them on their firearm rights.

“That’s empowering,” Toure added. “That’s training a person to be responsible and a citizen, a strong, well-armed citizen.”

The idea for Black Guns Matter came to Toure when he began to notice that many of his friends were “catching the same cases,” meaning they were arrested in similar instances for gun possession. He realized many of his friends or acquaintances were not informed about gun rights and the affordability of getting a firearm registered.

He created Black Guns Matter to put people on the path to self-empowerment through knowledge of gun rights and safety.

“A person who can’t defend their rights has none,” Toure said. “That is why it is about people control, not gun control.”

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