The exception to Bernie Sanders’ liberalism

Democratic White House hopeful, Bernie Sanders, may cause some concern among liberals due to his voting record on gun rights. Whether or not these views are sincere or merely political remains unclear. MSNBC reported today:

….The Vermont senator has a bold, progressive vision, and is prepared to take advantage of the national platform a White House campaign offers….Indeed, it’s probably safe to say that Sanders will be to Clinton’s left on most issues in their primary fight, except when it comes to guns.

To understand why, it’s important to realize that Vermont has some of the most lax gun laws in the nation, in large part because gun violence in the Green Mountain State is so low.

Indeed, a wide variety of prominent Vermont Democrats and liberal independents routinely enjoy support from the NRA. Former Gov. Howard Dean, his reputation as a liberal firebrand notwithstanding, was endorsed by the NRA in Vermont more than once – a fact he used to brag about during his 2004 presidential campaign….

….Sanders is simply in line with his home state’s political norms. His position may not be expected given his reputation in D.C., but in Vermont, it’d be odd if Sanders didn’t oppose most gun reforms.

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