The Examiner: New analysis tells same old story: More Dems favor gun control

Dave Workman for The Examiner reports:

A new analysis of 2013 polling data on gun control that appeared yesterday on a blog from the London School of Economics and Political Science shows a majority of Democrats favor stricter gun laws, while coincidentally this morning’s Rasmussen Reports reveals a new survey showing more Democrats think illegal immigrants should be allowed to vote.

The LSE blog, written by Kevin H. Wozniak, an assistant professor of sociology at the University of Massachusetts Boston, analyzed data from a public opinion poll taken four months after Sandy Hook. The poll was conducted jointly by CBS News and The New York Times, he noted.

The result of his analysis: “…only a majority of Democrats support making gun control laws stricter. In contrast, a majority of Republicans favor making no changes to the gun control laws that are already on the books. Independents who chose not to identify with either party resembled Republicans in their answers to this question, but a larger percentage of them supported making laws more strict.”

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