The Collegian: Concealed Carry to be Permitted on Kansas State Campus

Campus carry rights expand to yet another university.

Via the Collegian:

Currently, there are only five states in the nation where the concealed carry of guns on university campuses is permitted by law. Come July 2017, concealed carry will also be allowed on the Kansas State campus.

K-State faculty and students are currently warned at the entrance of every campus building about the prohibition of weapons on campus, as directed by the Kansas Board of Regents’ policy.

The policy states, “To the extent allowed by law and except as otherwise provided herein, the campus of each state university shall be weapons-free.”

Because of a Kansas law, the K-State Weapons Advisory Work Group has drafted a new policy, which would allow the possession of concealed guns on campus.

After a forum in September, the work group sent the revised weapons policy draft to Interim President Gen. Richard Myers for review. In October, the amended K-State weapons policy will be submitted to Kansas Board of Regents for approval. And finally, on July 1, 2017, the current exemption in state law for Kansas universities will expire, and concealed carry on campuses will begin.

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