The Blaze: Parents; Let’s Look at the Facts Surrounding Mass Shootings and Gun-Free Zones

Gun free zones ARE the problem.

Via The Blaze:

Gun-free zones are a monstrous lie. As TheBlaze Radio’s Chris Salcedo put it earlier this week, the idea of gun-free zones is “deceptively cruel.”

It’s cruel because it lulls us all into letting down our guard, securely in the knowledge that our schools (and dozens of other public places) have banned all guns from the premises. They’ve banned them. Zip, zero, nada. No tolerance. Not even a Pop-Tart that looks like one.

And yet the killings continue.

People love to talk about how “sick” they are of school shooting after school shooting; of attack after attack. “When is enough enough??” they cry.

Newsflash: yours truly—your trusty neighborhood “gun nut” is, too.

What say we talk about some serious solutions?

Here’s the deal: we have evil in the world. There’s no two ways about it. Banning guns is never—I repeat— never going to stop evil. Just look at the carnage in Mexico: how many tens of thousands of people have been killed as a result of a war perpetuated by drugs that—by virtue of a law banning them—aren’t even supposed to be there in the first place?

Let me take this a step further: in the case of gun free zones at schools, do you realize that the perpetrators are not only ignoring the gun-free law, but many of them have been student-age themselves, which means they’re also violating laws stipulating that minors can’t use guns.

Laws don’t stop people. Consequences can sometimes deter people. But as these shootings demonstrated, even lifelong or life-ending consequences didn’t even matter. I’m not saying that laws don’t have their purpose—but the sooner we realize that evil DOES exist and will continue to exist regardless of laws, the sooner we can start getting serious about how we live in a world with it.

And that starts by not advertising that our kids are little sitting ducks.

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