Texas universities seek curbs on new law allowing concealed guns on campus

Katie Shepherd for the LA Times reports:

Just days after the Texas Senate voted to legalize concealed guns on college campuses, university officials and opponents of the bill are already thinking of ways to limit its reach….

“While it is not what we had hoped for, I respect the Legislature’s decision,” University of Texas Chancellor William H. McRaven said in a statement….

Ashley Alcantara, 20, a third-year student studying government at the University of Texas at Austin, said she lobbied with other members of the University Democrats club to try to prevent the bill from becoming law. “We’re very concerned,” she said. “In the classroom there are times when conversations can get heated. It changes the learning environment when there is that risk.”

Administrators agree that the legislation gives universities freedom to determine when and where carrying a concealed weapon is and is not appropriate on campus.

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