Texas open carry bill escapes promised filibuster, heads to Governor

Chris Eger for Guns.com reports:

Texas is about to become the 45th – and most populous – state in the nation to allow some form of handgun open carry after the legislature shot off a proposal Friday to the ready pen of Gov. Greg Abbott.

The House measure, which has shuffled back and forth between that body and the state Senate in the past two months, was under threat of a Democratic filibuster this weekend which, with the current session set to end Monday, could have killed it for good.

However, after dropping language disliked by metro police chiefs in the state that would have limited the ability for law enforcement officers to stop lawful open carriers, GOP lawmakers rallied Friday and quickly passed the measure by 102-43 in the House and a 20-11 vote in the Senate, sending it to the promised signature of the governor.

Bill sponsors contend the measure, which they paint as a compromise, finally brings Texas into the club already occupied by most of the country in allowing the open carry of modern handguns.

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