Texas fast-food chain urges customers to refrain from open-carry in restaurant

Michele Richinick for Newsweek reports:

Whataburger, a fast-food chain based in Texas, still wants its customers to refrain from openly carrying guns, following the governor’s approval of a new firearms law that had been banned for more than 140 years.

For the past two decades, law in the Lone Star State permitted residents only to carry concealed guns. But after a years-long debate, Texas legislators in May approved a bill that would allow residents to openly carry handguns in holsters. Republican Governor Greg Abbott signed the measure into law, thus paving the way for licensed residents to openly carry handguns, effective in January.

Legislation regarding the open carry of handguns varies by state. Local government can enact regulations banning the action in a specific area within its jurisdiction. If employers prefer gun-free premises, they must post a sign stating the request.

…The restaurant, founded in 1950 in Corpus Christi, will continue to allow licensed residents to conceal carry at its more than 780 locations in 10 states.

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