Tenth Amendment Center: Oregon County Passes Ordinance Taking First Step to Nullify Gun Control in Effect

Oregon counties are rising up and saying NO to gun control.

Via Tenth Amendment Center:

In August, an Oregon County commission passed an ordinance that prohibits funding for future enforcement of gun laws. This marks an important first step toward nullifying unconstitutional gun control in effect.

Curry County commissioners approved the measure 2-1. According to Commissioner David Brock Smith, under the ordinance the county will not spend any money to enforce any new gun laws. This would include both state and federal gun control measures.

The ordinance did come with a caveat, acknowledging some provisions of pre-existing laws as constitutional.

Even though the ordinance will not hinder enforcement of current federal gun control, which is also unconstitutional, it does represent a step forward. More importantly, it sets the precedent that local governments in Oregon can simply refuse to cooperate with the enforcement of gun laws – or any other law for that matter.

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