AP: Lawsuit Argues Law Banning Stun Gun Ownership Violates 2nd Amendment

A New Jersey man is suing the state over the right to purchase a stun gun to protect his family on Second Amendment grounds. Via the Associated Press:

A New Jersey man who wants a nonlethal way to defend himself and his family is suing the state, saying its law prohibiting private ownership of stun guns violates the Second Amendment.

Mark Cheeseman and the New Jersey Second Amendment Society filed a lawsuit Thursday in federal court in Trenton.

In court papers, Cheeseman said Taser International declined his order for a Taser Pulse model because the state bans the sale of such merchandise. Cheeseman said he wants the device to protect himself and his family.

He argues that a person who justifiably uses deadly force may be taken into police custody and have to defend his actions in court. He also could be sued and suffer psychological effects, he said.

The lawsuit seeks to block the ban on private ownership of stun guns and have it declared unconstitutional and unenforceable.

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