Students bring gun to school, face charges

Kare 11 News in Minnesota reported yesterday that:

A pair of students at Tartan High School in Oakdale face criminal charges after police say they brought a handgun into school.

The Oakdale Police Department School Rescource Officer was notified Monday afternoon that there was a student inside a Tartan classroom who had been seen with a gun. School staff members were first informed about the situation by other students in the classroom at the time, and they notified police.

That officer quickly arrived at the classroom and recovered a holstered .40 handgun from a student’s backpack without resistance. The 16-year-old male suspect told the officer he had received the gun from a fellow student who also attends Tartan High School. When questioned the second teen told police that he took the weapon from his parents’ home, and had carried it to school for his friend to hold. Both students told authorities that they were curious about the idea of having a gun in school and were showing it off to friends and fellow students.

Police say there were no threats of violence connected with the weapon and that the students did not express conflicts with other students or school staff. The school resource officer believes there was no malicious intent in regards to this incident.

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