South Dakota gun laws and how they compare nationally

South Dakota has a favorable image in the eyes of many Second Amendment supporters, and aggravates many gun-controllers. Lisa Cunningham for Newsmax examines how different states rank through the eyes of gun control advocates:

Gun laws in South Dakota’s are considered weak by some pro-gun control organizations, but such rankings are considered positive by organizations like the NRA.

In 2013, the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence released an assessment of nationwide state gun laws titled “2013 State Scorecard: Why Gun Laws Matter.” All states were ranked based on 30 policy methods of controlling firearms and ammunition, including background checks, reporting lost or stolen weapons, and forbidding risky people from buying guns.

South Dakota earned an F rating, along with nearby states, Montana, Wyoming, and North Dakota. Other neighboring states, Nebraska, Minnesota, and Iowa, earned a D, C, and C-minus, respectively….California earned the highest ranking, an A-minus, followed by Connecticut, New Jersey, New York, Delaware, and Maryland — all of which passed stricter gun laws in 2013.

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