Sisters aim to aid D.C. businesses wary of concealed handguns

Andrea Noble for The Washington Times reports:

A pair of D.C. sisters angered by recent court rulings that allow gun owners to carry concealed pistols in the District are looking to profit from a venture that educates businesses about the loosened firearms restrictions.

Through their company — Goods, Not Guns — Dari Yudkoff Pogach and Aliza Yudkoff Glasner are selling “firearms prohibited” stickers to businesses so owners can advertise that they do not allow concealed handguns inside their stores.

“It was a good chance to raise awareness and also provide a service by selling regulation-compliant signs in the District,” Ms. Pogach said.

….The effort isn’t without the threat of backlash, however. Several Second Amendment activist groups around the country have kept track of businesses that do and don’t allow gun owners to carry firearms in their stores, in some cases creating boycott lists of companies that take an anti-gun stance.

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