Seattle Times: Washington AG Proposes Assault-Weapons Ban

The bricks of the West Coast Wall of Gun Control continue to be laid.

Via the Seattle Times:

Spurred by the recent killings of three teenagers in Mukilteo, state Attorney General Bob Ferguson will propose legislation next year to ban the sale of assault-style weapons and high-capacity magazines in Washington.

The legislation, which has not yet been written, would ban semi-automatic assault-style weapons — like the AR-15 rifle that police say was used by the 19-year-old accused gunman in Mukilteo in July — as well as any magazine that holds more than 10 rounds of ammunition.

“Military-style weapons are designed for killing people,” Ferguson said. “These weapons have no place in civilian use.”

Ferguson and other speakers noted repeatedly that the accused Mukilteo shooter bought the rifle legally but wasn’t old enough to buy a beer.

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