Rolling Stone writer blames Republicans for “weaponizing” supporters

Leave it to liberal commentators to not only politicize the Charleston shootings, but use it to attack conservatives and gun owners specifically. Jeb Lund, writing for Rolling Stone magazine openly blamed Republicans for having “weaponized” their supporters – leading to incidents like Dylann Roof’s massacre in Charleston. He writes:

The fact is, this is political because American movement conservatism has already made these kinds of killings political. The Republican Party has weaponized its supporters, made violence a virtue and, with almost every pronouncement for 50 years, given them an enemy politicized, racialized and indivisible.

In response to these claims, Robert Farago for responded, saying:

His editorial is a bilefest draped in sarcasm, to the point of semi-coherency…Like the rest of his left-leaning colleagues, in the aftermath of Roof’s racist attack, Lund has seized on South Carolina’s Confederate flag-flying as a symbol of Republican racism. This despite the fact that the Democrat Party was responsible for the South’s post-slavery racist political infrastructure. (Lest we forget, the Great Emancipator, Abraham Lincoln, was a Republican.)

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