Restaurant in Texas hands out free brisket sandwiches to CHL holders

James England for reports:

Those with concealed handgun licenses were in for a treat this past fourth of July when Brooks’ Place offered up a mouth-watering brisket sandwich to everyone with a CHL permit. The main proprietor did it both in celebration of the birth of our nation as well as to support concealed carry in his home state. According to the Brooks’ Place Facebook page – they were sold out by 6pm.

Unsurprisingly, no robberies were reported.

Trent Brooks, owner of Brooks’ Place in Cypress, seemed overly pleased with the turn-out.  He noted on his Facebook page that he was surprised that women outnumbered men in the line.  That should be no surprise!  Recent trends have shown that women are at the forefront of those signing up for concealed carry permits across the nation.

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