Responses to Waco Gunfight reveal ignorance of armed citizens’ role

A great observation about the Waco shootout. Greg Camp for reports:

The recent shootout between biker gangs in Waco, TX has drawn the predictable response from advocates of gun control….press releases from groups who are opposed to gun rights are to be expected.  Those are much like car alarms.  They go off, and we all go on about our days.  What I did find interesting were some comments on Twitter wondering why no members of Open Carry Texas were there or who were the good guys with guns in the shootout.

Think about that for a minute.  One of the extant rules is that the sooner you finish a gunfight, the less shot you’ll get.  Doesn’t that suggest that if you don’t get involved in the first place, you have a good chance of not getting shot at all?  Now this is not to say that we’re obliged to attempt to outrun a bullet.  Stand Your Ground laws address what happens when the gunfight comes to you.  But the answer to the question asked by gun control proponents is that private citizens aren’t police.  It’s not our job to go somewhere that crime is expected to occur.  We own and carry firearms to protect ourselves and our families, not to act like some comic book character, seeking out trouble in the dark corners of the big city.

Why weren’t we there?  We weren’t there precisely because we aren’t the people gun control advocates accuse us of being.  We aren’t looking for trouble.  We aren’t spoiling for a fight.  We’re just living our lives and working to improve the odds if a fight is imposed on us.

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