Republican lawmakers ‘anticipate’ they will appeal controversial gun law decision in Pa. Supreme Court

Christian Alexandersen for reports:

Republican lawmakers expect to challenge a Commonwealth Court decision that found a GOP-backed gun law passed late last year was unconstitutional, according to staff.

The law, Act 192 of 2014, allowed any legal gun owner to sue municipalities over gun regulations and force those municipalities to pay attorney fees.

….House Speaker Mike Turzia, R-Allegheny, as well as former Republican Gov. Tom Corbett and former Lt. Gov. James Cawley were part of the lawsuit.

“We are reviewing the Court’s decision, and anticipate that we will file an appeal with the Supreme Court in order to vindicate the Legislature’s ability to enact meaningful changes to the law,” said Majority Caucus Spokeswoman Jennifer Kocher.

“We believe the court’s opinion unfairly ties the hands of the Legislature and hampers our ability to amend the crimes code, an area of the law which embraces far more than simply the elements of crimes.”

Kocher said the court’s opinion undermines a lawful act of the legislative branch, which was thoroughly debated, passed both houses and was signed by the governor in 2014.

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