Reno Gazette Journal: Sheriffs Won’t Enforce Nevada Gun Law After Opinion

Even more obstacles for Bloomberg’s Question 1.

Via Reno Gazette Journal:

The next steps for proponents of expanded gun background checks in Nevada are unclear after a legal opinion that for all intents blocks a voter-approved initiative set to go into effect Sunday.

What is clear is that the Background Check Act to require a federal database check of private party gun transfers will not be enforced. That’s according to Nevada sheriffs.

“Based on the Nevada Attorney General’s opinion, the Washoe County Sheriff’s Office cannot enforce this law at this time,” said spokesperson Bob Harmon.

The Lyon County Sheriff’s Office put out a statement that it and the Lyon County’s District Attorney’s Office “support” the opinion that the new law is unenforceable, adding “we will not enforce any provisions of this ballot initiative until the issues have been resolved.”

The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office reported receiving numerous inquiries about the ballot question. It put out a statement that it is “advising its citizens that they may proceed with private party firearm sells and transfers as they did prior to the passing of ballot question #1.”

Gerald Antinoro, Storey County sheriff, said by phone, “It’s not enforceable even without the opinion” and that “it’s creating opportunities for people to be dishonest.”

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