Rare: A 4’11, 85-pound woman with a gun to her head put an end to the threat in the blink of an eye

An Arizona woman used her firearm in self-defense against a criminal this week. When the criminal attempted to rob her at a gas station, the woman reacted and got away safely. Via Rare:

It was no miracle that a woman with a gun to her head was able to prevent herself from being robbed – or worse. That’s because Carolann Miracle, 23, who said she is 4’11 and 85 pounds, was armed and ready to eliminate the threat.

Speaking to ABC15, the woman from Glendale, Ariz., said that she was leaving a gas station when a man named Frank Taylor, 27, approached her and asked for a cigarette.

She says Taylor then put a gun to her neck and tried to rob her.

Miracle didn’t hesitate to act.

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