Q13 Fox: Washington and Oregon Groups Push to Ban High-Powered Rifles, to Create a ‘West Coast Wall’

Via Q13 Fox:

In light of the mass shootings across the country, gun control groups feel they have the momentum to make some sweeping changes regionwide.

On Wednesday, several Washington and Oregon groups announced a new campaign pushing for a ban on high-powered rifles. They hope to follow California’s lead, calling it the ‘West Coast Wall.’

But gun rights advocates say the other side is focusing on the wrong thing.

“I would rather have that as a self-defense weapon than one of these handguns if I had a choice,” Lowpriceguns.com owner Jason Cazes said.

But gun control advocates from the West Coast are banding together to call for a 10-bullet magazine restriction and a ban on all high-powered rifles they call assault weapons.

“Creating a West Coast wall of California, Oregon and Washington is necessary to stop would-be shooters to travel up and down the I-5 corridor,” Penny Okamoto of Ceasefire Oregon said.

Washington Ceasefire points to a recent poll by SurveyMonkey. Of the 310 people questioned in Washington and Oregon combined, 65% were in favor of an assault weapons ban. The poll said 43% of the 310 people owned guns in their own homes and of those people 52% supported a ban on high-powered rifles.

“To the best of our ability we believe it’s a good poll,” Ralph Fascitelli of Washington Ceasefire said.

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