Press Herald: Wardens Raise Concerns About Gun-Sales Background Check Proposal

Maine Wardens are concerned Question 3 will have a negative impact on individuals that hunt and fish.

Via the Portland Press Herald:

The Maine Warden Service raised concerns Tuesday about a proposed expansion of background checks on private gun sales, even as national groups on both sides of the issue launched additional efforts to sway Maine voters on Question 3.

While the Warden Service did not explicitly come out against Question 3, the agency raised concerns about the ballot initiative’s enforceability and about potential impacts on sportsmen who lend guns to one another.

“The Maine Warden Service … is concerned that Question 3, if approved by the voters, will have negative impacts on some individuals who hunt and trap in Maine,” the Warden Service said in a statement. “Most importantly, this ballot question is written in such a way that it will be difficult – if not impossible – for Wardens to enforce.”

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