Breitbart: President Obama: Blame Second Amendment, Not Radical Islamic Terror

Go figure, Obama is blaming gun owners again…

Via Breitbart:

During a December 6 speech on national security and the fight against terrorism, President Obama refused to criticize radical Islamic terror but had no problem suggesting that the availability of firearms in America is problematic.

At one point during the speech, Obama actually warned Americans not criticize Islam for the attacks that Muslims have carried out on our soil–most recently the Ohio State University attack, but also the attacks on the Minnesota mall, Orlando Pulse, San Bernardino County building, Chattanooga military offices, and Fort Hood (2009), to name a few.

Obama said his administration’s counterterrorism efforts make another attack on the scale of 9/11 “more difficult,” but no means impossible. At the same time, he did not refer to the 9/11 attackers as radical Islamic terrorists, nor did he grapple with the fact that we may have traded one 9/11 for numerous OSU and/or San Bernardino-style attacks that serve a similar purpose in the long run: they keep the American people unsettled and unsure.

One thing Obama did, however, is criticize the availability of firearms in America. He said, “Somebody who is trying to kill and willing to be killed is dangerous, particularly when we live in a country where it’s very easy for that person to buy a very powerful weapon.”

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