PJ Media: Five Libs Who Pushed Gun-Control Narrative on Twitter After Ohio State Stabbing Attack

They’ll use anything to further their anti-gun agenda…

Via PJ Media:

What was originally reported as an “active shooter situation” at Ohio State this morning was soon revealed to be a car-ramming/stabbing terrorist attack by an 18 -year-old Somali Muslim refugee named Abdul Artan.

While events were still unfolding, a number of liberals embarrassed themselves on Twitter by pushing a gun-control narrative before the facts surrounding the attack were established. Here are the top five hot-takes from lefty gun-grabbers who couldn’t let the crisis at Ohio State go to waste:

1. Lt. Governor of California Gavin Newsom:

My thoughts are w/Ohio State this AM. We cannot let an average of 1 school shooting/wk be the normal in America. Too many lives are at stake

— Gavin Newsom (@GavinNewsom) November 28, 2016

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