Parent group wants to make Mich. schools gun-free zones

Fearing future school shootings, anti-gun movements continue to push for more stringent gun control policies across the nation. Virginia Gordan for Michigan Radio News reports:

Dr. Sonya Lewis is spearheading a statewide petition, urging the legislature to get rid of what some call the “open carry loophole.”  The petition has more than 1,000 signatures.

Current state law says licensed adults may not carry concealed weapons in schools. But they can openly carry pistols.

The petition urges the legislature to pass a bill that would change the current law to prohibit licensed adults from openly carrying guns in schools.  “(The bill) would be unambiguous that nobody can carry a gun into a school, and that means concealed or openly,” said Lewis….”I don’t see carrying guns into schools as a protective measure in any way,” Lewis said, adding that it’s impossible to know whether a person carrying a gun into a school is a threat.

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