Oregon governor signs bill requiring background check on nearly all gun buyers

Reuters reported today on the new background check law in Oregon:

The Oregon Firearms Safety Act expands background check requirements, already in place at stores and gun shows in the state, to include person-to-person and online gun sales.

“The bill provides a common-sense approach to accomplishing that goal without interfering with the lawful right of citizens to bear arms,” said Brown, a Democrat who took office in February after her predecessor resigned in an influence-peddling scandal.

The bill provides several exemptions, including gun loans for usage at shooting ranges or for hunting, or transfers between family members.

Supporters say that tighter background checks are key to preventing violence by people already prohibited from owning guns, such as those with domestic violence or felony convictions.

It was vehemently opposed however by gun rights advocates and the state Republican Party, which decried as excessive the fines and potential jail time violators could face.

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