Open carry, now cruising in Austin, was once shunned by GOP

Times change. Not long ago open-carry legislation was a pipe-dream. Today it is fast becoming a reality. Tom Benning for the Dallas Morning News reports:

The open carrying of handguns, all but a lock this year to become law in Texas, was once considered so farfetched that many lawmakers saw the idea as harmful to the prospects of other gun legislation.

In the 1990s, as lawmakers debated bills to allow the concealed carrying of handguns, big-city Democrats tried to attach open carry provisions in an effort to sink the bills. Some Republicans, fearful of just that result, said open carry was unnecessary….

….The strange turnabout from two decades ago not only highlights a dramatic change in the state’s political makeup; it also reflects Texas’ growing embrace of guns, an embrace that can be traced in part to the lack of problems with the state’s concealed handgun program….

….Over Democrats’ fierce objections, the House and Senate have both passed bills that would allow licensed Texans to openly carry holstered handguns. The chambers must work out some differences, but that’s not expected to be a major hurdle.

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