Open carry exposes Americans’ rights and ignorance

Greg Camp for reports:

 It’s obvious to say that open carry means the firearm will be visible to others, but think through that.  The firearm will be visible to others.  Now the good guys in western movies carried their revolvers and rifles openly, except when they didn’t, but conceptually, the popular image of the honest hero is of nothing hidden.  But for many in this modern age, a firearm that they can see is intimidating, to use language in an Everytown for Gun Safety press release, for example.  And it’s that openness that lies at the heart of the matter—why it’s done and why it should or shouldn’t be done.

A couple of reasons for open carry are easy to make.  One fact about where I live is the curious habit of the wind always to blow in the opposite direction that I’m going.  That being the case, an open shirt or jacket presents problems as a concealment garment.  Or to put things another way, should a Marilyn Monroe moment expose a carry license holder to prosecution for brandishing?

…That being said, it’s incumbent on those of us who do carry openly to present an ethos of good people doing not only nothing wrong, but also what is right.  The accusation of gun control advocates is that people carrying openly are doing so to make a scene, to intimidate, to frighten others….Some people are beyond reaching, but a calm response, explaining in rational terms what you’re doing will win more understanding to our cause.

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