NYDN: Matt Damon under fire for pistol-packing ‘Jason Bourne’ poster after calling for tougher gun laws

Actor Matt Damon has been under fire for being hypocritical for critiquing American gun laws while promoting his latest Jason Bourne film as the character he plays uses firearms regularly. Damon has softened his stance after the deluge of criticism.

The “Jason Bourne” star is catching heat for a gun-toting poster promoting the violent action film just weeks after praising Australia for its tough gun laws.

“I would hate to see (the movie) be politicized,” Damon told the Daily News. “(Jason Bourne) is incredibly skeptical of institutions, and I think that’s something shared by everybody right now on the right and the left, for different reasons. But still they can relate to that.”

The poster comes as the country continues to mourn the recent deaths of two black men at the hands of police and the murders of eight police officers in two separate revenge attacks in Dallas and Baton Rouge, La.

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