NPR: Gun Control Groups Aim their Money at States — and the Ballot

Bloomberg’s agenda is to build a west coast wall of gun control. Fight it below!

Via NPR:

The real battle over guns, though, has been waged at the state level this year — with a new emphasis on ballot initiatives.

Washington is a prime example. Like many western states, it has a tradition of permissive gun laws; there’s no minimum waiting period to buy a gun, and the state doesn’t even require safety training for people who carry concealed firearms. In 2013, legislation to require criminal background checks for most gun sales died in the state House of Representatives. So in 2014, activists went around the legislature, putting background checks on the state ballot. It passed by a wide margin.

This year, similar background check laws are on the ballot in Nevada and Maine; in California, there’s a ballot measure to require background checks for buyers of ammunition.

In Washington state, meanwhile, gun control activists are building on their success with another ballot initiative. This one gives courts the ability to take guns away from people deemed to be dangerous to themselves or others. It’s very well-funded, both by local tech billionaires, as well as Everytown for Gun Safety, the national gun control group founded by Michael Bloomberg.

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