New York lawmakers sink bills to ban .50 cals, mandate gun lock use

Chris Eger from reported,

A New York Senate committee Tuesday snuffed out proposals to ban .50 caliber rifles and force gun owners to lock up their guns at home.

The Republican-controlled Senate Codes Committee defeated the bills by a 9-7 vote without comment.

Senate Bill 2050, the measure to ban .50 caliber firearms introduced by Sen. Daniel Squadron, D-Brooklyn, would have prohibited all firearms of that caliber and higher while directing the state police to conduct a buyback of any currently in New York. The only exemptions would be for muzzle-loaders and certain antiques….

….Senate Bill 2491 aimed to criminalize gun owners who failed to store their firearms in accordance with the measure‚Äôs guidelines. Introduced by Sen. Liz Krueger, D-Manhattan, her bill, like the ban on .50 cals, cited safety concerns.

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