Nevada Legislature: Gun rights measures die during Friday’s deadline

Geoff Dornan for the Nevada Appeal reported today that:

A total of 39 bills died Friday at midnight because they couldn’t get out of committee in the 2015 Legislature — including a number of gun-rights measures proposed by members of the Assembly….

Among Friday’s dead is the controversial “campus carry” legislation. AB148 would have allowed individuals with concealed weapons permits to carry their gun to university or community college classes. That measure along with AB352 expanding the right to carry weapons in public buildings, AB357 providing a more automatic path to restoration of 2nd Amendment rights and AB404 expanding recognition of out of state CCW permits and changing rules for gun dealers all died in the Senate Judiciary Committee as well as AB100, requiring the Attorney General to challenge any presidential executive order that appears to infringe on the 2nd Amendment rights of Nevadans.

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