NBC News: Is Hollywood Feeling the Heat for Its Gun Culture?

The growing chorus of anti-gun rhetoric has begun affecting movie and television marketing campaigns. Via NBC News:

A rash of recent mass shootings and violent clashes between police and people of color may have helped to create a climate of squeamishness around gun culture in an unlikely place — Hollywood.

For years, critics mostly on the right have laid at least part of blame for acts of gun violence on the images and plot lines emanating from the film, music and television industries. While their defenders have always cited the difference between art and reality, as well as persuasive arguments that fictional content doesn’t drive people to kill.

And yet, Fox has decided to at least downplay the presence of firearms in the promotional material for two of their upcoming action-oriented shows: a TV version of the hit “Lethal Weapon” film series, starring Damon Wayans, and a reboot of their infamously violent thriller series “24.”

“What we focus mostly on is that our shows not be gratuitously violent, that violence fits within the world of the storytelling and that overwhelmingly what we’re doing feels like entertainment and not gratuitous or something that feels like a documentary,” Fox chairman Dana Walden told Entertainment Weekly in a recent interview.

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