N.J.’s faceoff on gun rights; court to hear case of former cop

Salvador Rizzo for NorthJersey.com reports:

A former New Jersey police officer is headed to the state Supreme Court, arguing that he should be able to keep his firearms and a hunting knife despite a stormy, 15-year marriage with episodes of domestic violence.

The state Supreme Court rarely ventures into the heated debate over gun rights. Its last major decision on gun control came in 1990, denying handgun permits to two private detectives. New Jersey is considered to have some of the toughest firearms restrictions in the country, and the state Supreme Court has upheld them at every turn on public-safety grounds….

…Experts said an adverse ruling for the former officer, identified as F.M. in court papers, could further limit who can carry firearms in New Jersey. Under state law, former police officers are among the select few eligible for gun permits. The high court could end up removing that privilege for former law enforcement officers with domestic violence in their pasts, or it could hand down a narrowly tailored ruling specific to F.M.’s case.

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