N.J. lawmakers may scrap controversial ‘smart gun’ law

It appears that New Jersey elected officials are considering eliminating legislation that mandates smart gun technology. Claude Brodesser-Akner for NJ Advance Media reports:

The lawmakers say they want to replace or change the Childproof Gun Law with a measure that encourages rather than requires gun shops to sell “smart guns” — and provides economic incentives for Garden State consumers to buy them.

Passed in 2002 to respond to accidental child deaths from guns, the law’s mandates for gun sales were supposed to kick in three years after the weapons became available for retail purposes. However, it hasn’t resulted in the sale of smart guns and instead moved gun rights activists to intimidate gun shops around the country not to carry them because that would start the countdown clock for the New Jersey law…..

….Speaking in Dover, N.H., at a 2016-themed town hall meeting last week, Gov. Chris Christie had singled out the Childproof Gun Law for special scorn, holding it up as the epitome of Democratic legislative overreach.

You can read the rest of the story at NJ.com.