Move to ban concealed carry at California schools advances

Chris Eger for reports:

Buoyed by support from police lobby groups who were granted exceptions, a Senate bill to prohibit carry of concealed weapons on school campuses in California is gaining traction.

Currently, the California Gun Free School Act, which bans guns on campuses across the state, has an exemption for those who have a concealed carry permit. The proposal, which recently passed committee, would strip this exemption away and instead replace it with language that would allow schools to decide for themselves the totality of their local gun free zone….

“As concealed weapons permits are becoming more prevalent and easier to obtain, campus public safety officials need more authority to regulate them on campus grounds,” said state Sen. Lois Wolk, D-Davis, sponsor of the legislation, in a statement. “This bill provides that increased authority where it belongs, with those trained and responsible for ensuring the safety of our students, teachers and staff.”

Wolk’s measure, SB 707, would prohibit those with a concealed carry permit from having their firearm with them on any school property in the state to include K-12 campuses, school apartment buildings, common areas, college and university campuses, and parking lots.

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