Montgomery County judge hears preliminary objections in Lynsay Fox’s lawsuit against gun business

Dan Clark, writing for The Delaware County Daily Times, reported:

A Montgomery County judge has asked attorney’s representing the wife of slain Plymouth Township police officer Bradley Fox to file an amended complaint in their lawsuit against a Jeffersonville firearms store.

Montgomery County Judge Thomas Branca said he wanted attorneys Hope Freiwald, of Dechert LLP, and Jonathan Lowy, of The Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence, to take out anything in the complaint against In Site Firearms & Law Enforcement Supply that pushes a social agenda. He said he would not allow his courtroom to be used as a forum to push a social agenda and wants the attorneys to stick to the alleged violations of law.

Freiwald and Lowy, representing Lynsay Fox, who was not in court on Monday, declined to comment after the hearing held for preliminary objections.

Freiwald and Lowy’s complaint alleges that In Site Firearms should have known that Michael Henry was lying on forms to purchase a gun and they should have known he was a buying the guns for someone else.

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