Mexico Daily News: Gun Control Debated as Senator Pushes his Proposal to Ease Regulations on Carrying Arms

The Mexican Senate is currently debating the right to self defense.

Via Mexico Daily News:

The pros and cons of gun control were debated this week at an event organized by a Senator who last month proposed a constitutional change that would permit the carrying of firearms.

National Action Party (PAN) lawmaker Jorge Luis Preciado wants to modify the 10th article of the constitution so as to allow weapons to be carried in vehicles or kept on business premises to allow people to defend themselves against criminals.

Various national and international experts, representatives of non-governmental organizations and media figures debated the issue in Mexico City yesterday, defending the proposal on self-defense grounds or panning it as a trigger for more violence

American crime specialist John Lott said that homes without guns are more vulnerable to criminal attacks.

As an example he offered the United Kingdom, where 59% of home robberies occur when homeowners are present, compared to the U.S., where that figure drops to just 13% “because thieves fear being shot at.”

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