Breitbart: Joe Manchin: Second Amendment Needs More Regulation

Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) attacked constitutional carry at a recent town hall, claiming that civil rights should be even more regulated. Manchin is best known for his help authoring a bill mandating background checks for all gun purchases, which failed with much fanfare in 2013.

Via Breitbart:

Constitutional carry, which allows law-abiding West Virginians to carry openly or concealed without a permit, was enacted after the West Virginia legislature overrode Governor Earl Ray Tomblin’s (D) veto of the measure earlier this year. Tomblin vetoed similar legislation last year at the urging of Senator Manchin.

According to the Cumberland Times-News, Manchin told town hall attendees that “gun control should be governed by common sense.” He then criticized constitutional carry, suggesting that more criminals will carry, now that the law does not require a permit. Manchin said, “Before, we always knew who we were chasing — the bad guy — but we knew most of the people didn’t have a gun concealed, and if they did, they were responsible. We don’t know that anymore. So I’m for responsible gun control.”

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