Man arrested for carrying loaded assault rifle around Daytona Beach

David Harris for the Orlando Sentinel reports:

A 27-year-old man arrested Sunday for carrying around an assault rifle in Daytona Beach’s tourist district said he was allowed to carry the weapon because he had just got done fishing.

Christopher Ray cited the fishing and hunting provision of Florida law that allows people coming from or going to fishing or hunting expeditions to have guns.

Daytona Beach police disagreed, saying Ray did not have any fishing gear and didn’t appear to actually be coming from a fishing trip. Police also said he “deviated” by going to Burger King to get a drink….

Police said Ray was trying to “push the envelope as to what is lawful under Florida law, and to gain a reaction from the public and law enforcement.”

….Ray said he was not trying to hurt anyone and is a big proponent of Second Amendment rights.

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