Maine constitutional carry law not a likely threat to residents

Mark Emmert and David Hench for the Portland Press Herald report on recent pro-gun legislation in Maine:

Take a deep breath, Mainers.

Making it easier for people to pack heat isn’t going to lead to rampant vigilantism and rolling gun battles. That’s the word from those who have seen gun-control laws relaxed elsewhere.

Not that people like Micah Davis of Scarborough need such reassurance. The 30-year-old doesn’t own a gun but is considering getting one for home protection. He said legislation that would make Maine the seventh state to allow residents to carry concealed handguns without a permit won’t affect his decision.

“I feel like I’m an upstanding citizen,” Davis said. “I feel like you should probably arm the people I trust. I know the people I don’t trust are carrying.”

The bill would let gun owners bypass that process in keeping with what proponents call their “constitutional carry” rights. Opponents worry about dropping the requirement that handgun carriers pass a safety course, among other stipulations. The measure has been approved in both the House and Senate, but awaits consideration by the Appropriations and Financial Affairs Committee before final passage.


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