Louisiana legislation would teach schoolchildren gun safety

Sam Rolley for PersonalLiberty.com wrote today:

Following the unspeakable tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School in 2012, gun control advocates have routinely attempted to promote anti-2nd Amendment legislation as necessary to protect children in the U.S. A new bill making its way through the Louisiana Legislature represents one of the few genuine efforts to do just that.

The GOP legislation, H.B. 446, would allow for public schools in the state to set aside time and resources to teach students gun safety lessons modeled on the National Rifle Association’s Eddie Eagle GunSafe program.

“The goal is to save children’s lives and protect our youth,” said Louisiana Rep. Blake Miguez (R-Erath), the legislation’s sponsor.

Miguez, who was elected to the state legislature during a special election in February, is a firearm enthusiast who was once a contestant on the History Channel shooting competition “Top Shot.”

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