Lawmakers may seek to override governor’s veto of gun reform bill, again

Despite bipartisan support, Oklahoma Governor Fallin vetoed an intriguing piece of legislation. Chris Eger from reports:

At the urging of Second Amendment groups, Oklahoma lawmakers could soon move to challenge Republican Gov. Mary Fallin over gun rights.

This comes just days after Fallin dropped veto ink on a successful Senate bill that would have prohibited private entities from banning guns in rented public spaces and streets. The measure had navigated the state legislature successfully with huge bipartisan margins — only picking up 11 combined opposing votes in its trek through both chambers.

Now, one of the bill’s co-authors is seeking to find common ground with the governor’s office so that the bill could be adjusted and resubmitted, but if not, he is willing to call for a move to override.

“[I]f push comes to shove and we can’t find agreement or middle ground, then yeah, I’d support an override,” Sen. Ralph Shortey, R-Oklahoma City, told the Oklahoman.

The now-controversial legislation, SB 41, would have prohibited the practice of allowing a private business or group to rent public venues or streets, and then ban the otherwise lawful carrying of firearms.

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