Lawmakers go for gun suppressors

Terri Hallenbeck, for Seven Days Vermont reported yesterday:

Friday, Rep. Patrick Brennan (R-Colchester)… [tried] to find new life for a bill that would legalize the use of gun suppressors. The devices — also known as silencers — can prevent hearing damage and make peace with shooting-range neighbors, he….The measure had been on an economic development bill that the House passed, but was jettisoned in that bill’s conference committee. Brennan wasn’t giving up.

Sen. John Rodgers (D-Essex/Orleans) added the provision to a hunting bill, H.5, on the Senate floor Friday morning.

Senate Judiciary Committee chair Dick Sears (D-Bennington) objected. His committee had spent weeks agonizing over a gun-control bill and the notion of legalizing gun suppressors never came up, he said.

….By Friday afternoon, Sears relented after he succeeded in limiting the use of suppressors to shooting ranges. The Senate easily passed the measure.

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