LA Times: When it Comes to Gun Laws, Nevada Could Be Edging Closer to California

Nevada needs to stand up and fight back before it is too late!

Via LA Times:

Demographic shifts already have transformed Nevada into a swing state in recent presidential elections and given Democrats an edge in voter registration. They have also made the Silver State the latest testing site for Michael R. Bloomberg’s attempt to pass a law requiring background checks for gun sales between private parties, including those conducted over the Internet.

Polling indicates Bloomberg may have bet correctly.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal released a poll earlier this month showing 58% of likely registered voters supported Question 1, which would require people like Leal to run background checks on buyers. Three other polls released since July have shown the measure steadily drawing more than 60% support.

If it passes, Nevada would join eight states that have a similar requirement. Washington passed a ballot measure in 2014. Colorado and Oregon’s legislatures passed private-party background checks recently as well.

Jennifer Crowe, spokeswoman for Nevadans for Background Checks, says the law won’t stop every crime committed with a firearm, but it will stop some criminals from buying guns. That, she said, is worth it.

At a recent debate on the issue held at the Mob Museum in downtown Las Vegas, she said the measure was designed to save people like Christina Franklin.

Franklin was killed May 5 by her ex-boyfriend in front of a Las Vegas day-care facility, where she was arriving with her two children. The high-profile investigation revealed that Travis Lee Spitler, 40, had lied to a private seller about his criminal history and used that gun to kill her. Both children, 3 and 4, were injured in the shooting, and he died when he turned the gun on himself.

“A background check would’ve shown he wasn’t allowed to have that gun and Christina could very well be alive today,” Crowe said. “That’s what gets lost and what is so important to remember in this conversation and debate. This is about saving lives.”

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