KION: AR-15 rifles in high demand after Governor Brown signs series of gun control bills

In light of Gunpocalyse in California, AR-15s are flying off the shelves and gun stores are jammed up with being already sold out of their backorders.

Central Coast gun shops are seeing a spike in sales. This comes nearly two weeks after Governor Jerry Brown signed a number of gun control measures.

“The California compliant rifles right now are non-existent. There is nothing out there,” said Ray Parga, owner of Del Valle Gunsmithing in Marina.

Parga said firearms, such as AR-15s, are flying off the shelves. He has some ordered, but even those have already been sold.

“We’re getting right now, probably 20 calls a day and we are a small shop,” said Parga. “Generally they just want to be able to have one before they aren’t allowed to buy them anymore.”

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