KCEN: Coryell County, Texas Rescinds Gun Ordinance

Finally some good news of gun restrictions being overturned.


Coryell County has rescinded an ordinance banning gun use.

The ordinance made it illegal to use a gun within subdivisions in unincorporated Coryell County, except for self-defense.

The Coryell County Commissioners Court met at the County Annex in Gatesville and residents filled the room to voice their concerns, saying the ordinance was too restrictive.

Some told the court they just wanted to deer and dove hunt on their property. Others wanted to teach their kids gun safety and how to shoot or skeet shoot.

But one man told us he bought his property specifically for his guns.

“We own acreage out in the country,” Jason Charette said. “We purposefully bought acreage out in the country so I can teach my children gun safety and here we are. We finally get out there, we get it set up, I own my property and I’m being told I can’t even do that.”

The court said that wasn’t the plan. What they wanted to do was protect citizens who feared their safety and protect the rights of gun owners who are using guns legally and correctly.

“Based upon the discussion today, it was clear that changes needed to be made,” Coryell County Judge John Firth said. “But because those changes were probably involved enough, it would be very difficult just to modify our ordinance. What the commissioners decided to do was rescind the ordinance and start over.”

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