Kansas gets 100,000th application for concealed-carry firearms license

While some states are working to restrict the rights of individuals to conceal carry, the Wichita Eagle staff reported today that Kansas has reached its 100,000 application for a CCW license. The CCW license program was first established in 2006 and there are now “89,399 active licenses issued in Kansas.” Beyond this milestone, however, Kansas Governor Sam Brownback:

signed a bill earlier this year eliminating the licensing requirement for citizens who want to carry a concealed firearm. That law takes affect July 1.

Schmidt said his office will continue to oversee the concealed carry licensing program. Even though a license will not be required after July 1, Kansans who get one will be able carry a concealed handgun in the 36 states with concealed carry laws.

This country needs more individuals who are willing to stand up and sign legislation that promotes rather than revokes second amendment rights for US residents. For the full story visit the Wichita Eagle.