It’s not just protection: why millions of women are buying guns

Access to firearms is a critical right that should be defended. Millions of women around the world are now recognizing that reality. Fox 43 reports:

For Elizabeth Harknett shooting a gun isn’t just practice, it’s preparation. If someone were to break into her home, she’d be ready. “If they don’t leave and they just stay there for some reason then having that gun in my hand would make me feel much safer if they tried to come at me,” said Harknett….

….For the majority of female gun owners it’s more than just a way to unwind. It means being equal because for thousands of years weapons like swords and spears required strength to operate, meaning a man usually held the power… but not so with a gun.  “Firearms only rely on chemical reactivity to provide the power to fire the weapon so women can now be equivalent to men when it comes to confronting a violent situation and succeeding,” said Leola University psychology professor David Crough.”

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